Ką žmonės dirba visą dieną? 

a discourse about creative life and unconventional work





Spend a few moments with Aiste Jakimavičiūtė and you'll cross out the word "impossible" out of your dictionary. Her  energy is infectious and the amount of work she's done in a couple of years - it does seem impossible. We agreed to talk about work in the most honest way possible, without hiding tough moments, doubts and how sleepless nights kill great ideas. We've got a practical guide to creative work and unconventional living out it. Warning - it's not all butterflies, but it's damn honest and for those trying to do their thing - damn helpful too. Read more. 


Emanuelis Ryklys

Emanuelis Ryklys is known for his love for coffee. After spending over ten years in advertising he felt it’s time for a new beginning. We talked about creating change, starting a business and the mysterious and magical role a community plays in our personal and professional achievements. Read more. 


Greta Madline

It's still way too early to get out of bed. With eyes half opened I scroll down my instagram feed - Greta is already at work. Not only she has managed to get up, commute, make a cup of coffee, but is also writing down her to do list for the day. Read more

Karolis Vyšniauskas

You start listening to the “Man 20-keli” (“I’m twenty-something”) radio show, and you instantly feel better. We’re surrounded by a lot of negative mediocre journalism. Karolis, who is twenty-something himself, is creating a new wave of storytelling. Read more. 



Few thoughts about the 21st century Lithuania at work

We spend 80 000 hours at work. The reason our generation gets up in the morning has changed. What we do and what we love aren’t supposed to be separate things, right? Work is a journey, constantly evolving, changing our perspective, making us mad, confused, happy. It’s about staying curious, playful and not afraid to experiment. In fact, we no longer have one profession, nor we dedicate 20 years of our life to one company. In away, we live multiple lives, we aren’t afraid to pivot and embrace uncertainty. We refuse to get bored, grumpy and bitter about our lives. Read more.




Lina Klime


Anta Marija Antanavičiūtė


Aistė Jakimavičiūtė



ka zmones dirba rasa jusionyte greta madline

darbą reikia švęsti.

nauja karta. naujos idėjos. naujas požiūris.

tikslas inspiracija. pašnekovai kelia pavydą ir priverčia lipt nuo sofos ir pradėt judėt. 

kada? jau tuoj. užsiregistravę naujienlaiškiui sužinosit pirmi ir draugam galėsit papasakoti. 

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