Few thoughts about the 21st century Lithuania at work



We spend 80 000 hours at work. The reason our generation gets up in the morning has changed. What we do and what we love aren’t supposed to be separate things, right? Work is a journey, constantly evolving, changing our perspective, making us mad, confused, happy. It’s about staying curious, playful and not afraid to experiment. In fact, we no longer have one profession, nor we dedicate 20 years of our life to one company. In away, we live multiple lives, we aren’t afraid to pivot and embrace uncertainty. We refuse to get bored, grumpy and bitter about our lives.

“Work can be a daily source of enormous joy and meaning, or it can be an endless grind and waste of hours spent trying to white-knuckle our way through the misery of it all until the weekend comes. A well-designed life is not a life of drudgery.” Bill & Dave

A new generation is here -  driven by ambition, self-belief, encouragement and entrepreneurship.

Our purpose is to create a community where the doers of our generation come to get to know each other, mingle and have a beer, think of a new idea and go do it. Is there a problem we are solving? Too much criticism, too little comradeship. This is going to be that one place people point their finger and say: see, you can be very successful living in Lithuania. Oh, and by ‘successful people’ we don’t mean celebrities featured in Lithuania’s yellow pages, we have in mind all the forward thinking illustrators, photographers, architects, designers, journalists, copywriters (you name it!), who have clients here and abroad. Just in case it’s not clear yet, ‘success’ here doesn’t mean pockets full of cash, it’s about finding ease and your flow. 

ka zmones dirba

A few thoughts about how we roll


See the bigger picture. Ask questions. Look for ‘why’ and know the exact reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing. Stop immediately, if it takes away your focus.

Learn to say no to projects your heart is not devoted to. Create space — if you say yes to work that’s not right for you, it will take up space otherwise filled with projects and opportunities you feel excited about. Listen to your intuition — it’s a true superpower.

Create your world. Invest in your world.

Don’t do fast things for money.

Not sure what you want to do? The only way to figure it out is to try something new.

Wallow in weirdness; Interesting things happen at the fringes.